Cheap Futon Bed For Sale

Futon Bed

Futon Bed

If you are looking for a cheap futon bed for sale, then there are a lot of places that you can look for it other than an Ikea futon shop or even any store that sells bed furniture. As a matter of fact, whether you are looking for cheap futons, or even futon covers or a mattress, you do not have to go to a specific futon store to find it! Whenever you try to find a cheap futon bed, you should not only look at the mattress but also at the frame.

You see, any cheap piece of furniture, or any accessories for that matter, such as bed covers, bed comforter sets and canopies even, are usually of low quality. Then again, that does not mean that you cannot find futons for sale that are of great quality. You can find Japanese futon beds and mattresses that are great, and will last for a long time, but they just did not sell at the price that they were originally intended to sell.

Here is how the futon world works. If a manufacturer produces a number of futon beds and set their suggested retail price at $400 but they don’t sell, then they will ask the furniture stores to drop the price to $300. Then the price will get down to $200, and then they will take the remainder futon bed frames and mattresses and sell them at a liquidation furniture store that operates on the Internet.

At those online furniture stores, you can find a cheap futon bed, a futon chair and a futon couch for that purpose, and you will get them all for the price of a single futon bunk bed at a regular furniture store. Sure, Ikea futons are cheap already, but the truth is that there is no retail store, Ikea or otherwise, that can beat the price of a futon bed that the manufacturer wants to get rid of.

Think of it like this. Say that you have a futon sofa bed and Ikea orders 10,000 pieces for their stores. Obviously, if all the rest of the furniture stores will get one of those futon beds for $300 a piece, then Ikea will get them for $200 or less because of the large quantities that they will purchase. So, Ikea will try to sell that certain queen size futon for like $350 and they will be cheaper than most of the other stores that sell them for $400 to make some money.

Now, when Ikea, or any other big furniture company, is left with only 2% of what they bought, they will drop the price to get rid of them. And if they still don’t manage to get rid of them, they actually sell them to online stores that will actually not only sell you a cheap futon bed, but they will sell it for next to nothing, because they have no overhead. Furthermore, some of them offer free delivery and that way you can get a futon bed.

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