Futon Beds For Studio Apartments

Red Futon Beds

Red Futon Beds

If you feel that futon beds look bad or that they are considered modern or trendy anymore, then you seriously need a reality check. I am not saying that they are for everyone, but if you are a student or fresh in the job market and only have studio apartment, then you are obviously dealing with the problem of limited space. There is a solution to finding a way to both sleep and be entertained in a small living space, and that solution is futon beds. Fortunately, there are always futons for sale if you know where to look and find them!

With futon beds you can create a modern home without the expensive price tag of a classic modern home. You can also create a living space that can be changed from bedroom to living room in a matter of minutes.

You will also spend a lot less money on futons compared to buying a bed and a sofa, and sometimes they are even cheaper than one of the two individually. Since the price includes only the base and the futon mattress, you don’t have to save up a lot of money to sleep in the same place you watch your favorite TV shows in.

When talking about cheap futons, I don’t recommend buying the cheapest one you can find. The reason is the plastic futon bed bases tend to break very quickly and you will have to spend more money in the long run buying another one each time one breaks. So, find one that is built out of wood or metal instead of plastic.

Also, bear in mind that the beds made of wood may seem bigger to the eye than those made from plastic, even though they are actually the same size. Either way, try to measure the location where you plan to place your furniture before actually buying anything.

Buy a futon mattress that you like and find one that is comfortable long term. You don’t want to be able to feel the lining of the mattress, and you want one that is long enough for your height. Investing in cheap mattresses might be a good idea in the beginning, but you might need to upgrade as soon as more money starts coming in to avoid problems with your back.

You don’t have to sacrifice your living space when it comes to owning a tiny apartment or a studio. Instead, consider futon beds as an alternative to buying both a bed and a sofa and instead get a combination of the two for a fraction of the cost.

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