Futon Sofa Bed in Beige Microfiber

Beige Microfiber Futon Sofa Bed

Rated 3 stars
List Price: $620.98
Our Price: $281.60
Savings: $339.38 (55%)
About Beige Microfiber Futon Sofa Bed:

A futon sofa bed in beige microfiber like this one would be hard for any one to pass up, combining both a unique style and quality all its own with a great price. It comes with two pillows that can serve as arms for the couch side of things. You have the option to recline partially or you can bring it all the way down to a bed position. What makes this futon different than some of the others is that you can recline half of the back portion of it, and have the other half still in the sit position should you feel so inclined. That way if one person wants to sit and the other lay down, they will both be able to have what they want.


The strong metal base that makes up the frame of the futon is more than capable of standing up to the needs that you might have. This futon is built to last a long time and look good while doing so. Functional and comfortable are the two words that come to mind the most when you purchase this sofa bed. It has cylinder shaped legs and a black frame to help keep it looking contemporary and sleek. It is a timeless design that is going to keep you happy with your purchase for a long time. It is also available in a gray and brown color, should you need another color to match your existing furniture that is all ready in place.

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