Bi-Fold Sofa Bed Futon Frame with Futon Mattress

Bi-Fold Sofa Bed Futon Frame with Futon Mattress

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List Price: $260.99
Our Price: $239.00
Savings: $21.99 (8.4%)
About Bi-Fold Sofa Bed Futon Frame with Futon Mattress:

This bi-fold futon frame is completely made of solid hard wood, and is paired with a nice eight inch futon mattress. It comes with 5 different positions to give you the variety that you would come to look for in furniture that is used for more than one use. It comes with the up right position, 3 different recline positions, and one bed position. Those 5 positions should be more than enough to keep you comfortable no matter what you are doing. The 8 inch full thick size mattress will last you a long time, and prove to be a great match with this wonderful frame. The mattress is made to not only last a long time, but it is also built with a special fiber foam to help it keep its shape over time and when you sit on it.


It will also come with a full 5 year warranty to keep any doubt in your mind at bay, and a natural hard wood that is going to take stain well and look beautiful. Now days you really can not ask for much more than a beautiful piece of furniture that you know is going to last you a long time. With the economy the way that it is, this becomes even more of a value buy than it all ready is, and makes your furniture shopping extremely easy. The assembly is exactly as easy as you would imagine, and makes putting this frame and mattress together a piece of cake.

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