Chocolate Acme Microfiber Adjustable Sofa

Chocolate Acme Microfiber Adjustable Sofa

Rated 4 stars
List Price: $263.99
Our Price: $224.99
Savings: $39.00 (14.7%)
About Chocolate Acme Microfiber Adjustable Sofa:

Microfiber adjustable sofas are one of the new luxuries that you can get your hands on in the furniture industry. That is because it is one of the most comfortable materials that a couch can be made from. This chocolate colored one is a special piece of furniture because of the flexibility that comes with it. Not only are you going to have a great place to sit or sleep, or to have guests spend the night, but you are also going to have a piece that you can mix and match with most other colors. The ability to not worry about how you are going to match it up with the rest of your home because of its universal color is going to make things a lot easier on you when you are decorating your home.


It is a one of a kind piece that you are not going to find every where, and it is really one of the best choices in the futon market. The time to jump on a great sofa bed like this one is now, especially when you know you are going to get value from it. The strong metal frame that is below is made to withstand a lot of pressure and will surely last you a lot longer than you will need it to. Sleek style is a contemporary fixture that most people are extremely happy to have, and with this sofa bed you are going to get just that. The color and the metal frame contribute to the over all sleek and modern look.

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