Acme Black Pu Adjustable Sofa

Acme Black Pu Adjustable Sofa

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $399.99
Our Price: $362.05
Savings: $37.94 (9%)
About Acme Black Pu Adjustable Sofa:

The Acme Black Put Adjustable Sofa is a beautiful leather piece of furniture that you are sure to get some good use out of. It is perfect for any game room or living area that you are working on. Weighing a little over 79 pounds, it will not be hard to move if you later on decide that you would like to see it else where. The large bottom pieces are going to really give you the support that you need while still getting the comfort that you want. You are never going to want to leave once you sit on this one of a kind piece. The adjusting part is quite easy and will make changing your new sofa one of the easier tasks that you do through out the house.

Black is one of those colors that can really blend in with the surrounding furniture to create the vibe that you are looking for. The sofa it self is 31 inches high, which is optimal sitting height. The length is one of the features that you will really like, making napping or sleeping on this sofa one of the best qualities that it has to offer. It is extremely comfortable and would be a great addition to any other furniture that you have. Cleaning it will be extremely easy, and should only require a few minutes of your time to complete. That means that you will have much more time to relax and actually use the couch than cleaning it.

Customer Reviews:
"As a college student, I wanted to make sure that I had some thing that would really be able to keep up with the life style. This product was definitely it, and I would not buy any thing different if I had the chance to do it all over again. It is one of the best pieces of furniture that I have ever owned, and really makes my apartment look a lot better than it is. Now when I have friends over they can use the sofa to sleep instead of having to just crash on the floor life before."

Kumar from Chicago says

"You never know what you are going to get some times when you are buying stuff online, but I was willing to take the chance with this piece. I was glad that I did, it is amazing. Comfortable and stylish were the two things that I first noticed about it. It adds some much needed class and elegance to the spare room that I put it in. Now I do not have to worry about people judging the furniture that I have when they stay over. I am confident that they will be impressed now when they come over to my house."

Jennifer from Philadelphia says

"We purchased this sofa a while back, and have been really pleased with the frame and the actual sofa it self. It is very stylish, and I can not wait to put it in to the new kid’s room that we are building. It is going to make the best chair to sit and watch television or play games on. We are also planning on buying another one that we can put in the spare bedroom as well. You get a lot of value for the money that you pay with this couch, and it really is comfortable to sit on."

Mario from New Jersey says

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