Dorel Home Products Belle Revolution Convertible Sleeper Futon

Dorel Home Products Belle Revolution Convertible Sleeper Futon

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $329.99
Our Price: $299.99
Savings: $30.00 (9.1%)
About Dorel Home Products Belle Revolution Convertible Sleeper Futon:

The beauty of the Dorel home convertible sleeper futon is the sleek style and the convenience. The faux leather is combined with chrome legs to really bring out the look of this piece of furniture. The hidden support legs give it the consistency that you would want in a sofa bed like this. The whole piece comes in at a whopping 108 pounds, which is on the lighter end of things. That will make moving it from room to room a lot easier than some of the other furniture that you might have. This convertible sleeper futon will adjust too many different positions, and can fit a lot of people with its huge sofa bed frame when extended.

Cleaning this item is a lot easier than it would be with some of the other convertible sleeper futons; you can simple use a damp cloth to wipe the futon clean. Nobody wants to spend all day trying to wash this kind of furniture, and you will not have to. Simple cleaning methods will not take you very long with an item like this one. This is a one of a kind futon sofa bed that is adjustable in the back, which will allow for multiple positions. Converting to a sofa from a full size sleeper is easier than ever with this item, and will leave more time for the actual sleeping. The white color is going to be able to blend in with any other home décor that you have in the home.

Customer Reviews:
"My first though was that this was going to be really bulky and not be easy to move from room to room. I was able to move it my self with out having to use any kind of equipment. We are constantly moving around the layout of our house, and it is really nice having a piece of furniture that is going to be able to be used no matter where we put it. This gives us the versatility to go out and buy other furniture to use where ever, and then adjust by moving the futon some where else."

Amelia from Fort Worth says

"There are not many times where I love the product so much that I leave a review, but this is one that I had to make it a point to tell people about. I have never been happier with a furniture purchase than I was with this one. Being able to adjust it when ever I need really easily is one of the features that I was the happiest about. Not only that, I sleep on it all of the time and it was more than comfortable, some times I use it more than the bed that I have in my room."

Isabelle from Milwaukee says

"The functionality of a convertible sleeper futon is what drew me to this product in the first place. It did not disappoint, and now I have a great way to house people when they come over. My house is not very big in the first place, so it was important for me to have a convertible piece of furniture that could function both as a sofa and as a bed. Now when we have the occasional party or two, people that have had a rough night or that don’t want to drive can just stay over at our house and sleep it off."

Matthew from Jacksonville says

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