Modern Acme Klik Klak Adjustable Sofa

Modern Acme Klik Klak Adjustable Sofa

Rated 4 stars
List Price: $399.99
Our Price: $333.90
Savings: $66.09 (16.5%)
About Modern Acme Klik Klak Adjustable Sofa:

The Acme Klik Klak adjustable sofa is one that is going to leave you with a sofa that has style and is very modern. It is a very contemporary look that you are going to fall in love with. Not just that, it is functional and has the easy conversion process to a bed from a sofa. Acme has come out with a lot of new futons and frames, but this is one of the best looking ones that they have come out with to date. The arm rests and the design are specially made to make sleeping on this mattress a lot easier than some of the other futons on the market. The simple click system is more than just a feature that they can list on the product page; it is a great benefit for any futon owner.


A metal base to a futon is some thing that a lot of people take for granted, it is what keeps the futon durable and keeps it from falling a part over time. The foam is added in to this wonderful futon to make sure that you do not have to worry about comfort. You will find your self wanting to fall asleep on it just because of the level of comfort that it brings. It also comes with a smooth brown color that screams of elegance and class. It is a great sofa bed that you would love to have with some of the other furniture in your home, and it can easily adapt to any color scheme because of its neutral color.

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