ORE International Microfiber Straight Leg Futon Sofa Bed with Two Pillows

ORE International Microfiber Straight Leg Futon Sofa Bed with Two Pillows

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $549.99
Our Price: $499.99
Savings: $50.00 (9.1%)
About ORE International Microfiber Straight Leg Futon Sofa Bed with Two Pillows:

A red sofa bed is a great way to brighten up any room that you have in your home. It will instantly put a smile on some one’s face when they see it for the first time. Most people would be afraid to have a bold color like this as their futon bed, but you can be the one that knows interior design well and stands out from the crowd. Its unique 3 position adjustable back is going to make converting it a very simple task. Then the chrome finish on the legs is what brings it all together. The mattress is seven and a half inches, and should provide enough comfort for any one that sits or sleeps on it.

It is going to have a firmer feel to it than some of the other futon beds, but is still going to be comfortable and supportive at the same time. It is mostly made up of cotton and the cover is microfiber, so it gives just the right balance between the two materials. The frame is made of metal, and that makes it durable and sturdy. The whole couch is not really heavy, and you should not have any problems installing it wherever you plan to put it. This sofa bed has tons of qualities that make it unique, but obviously the color and comfort are the two that are going to stand out to any one that owns one of these lovely red sofa beds.

Customer Reviews:
"I was not so sure about the metal frame at first, but I really do like it. It seems to be holding up just fine after having it for a while now. Normally, I would go with the wooden ones, and this was the first metal frame that I had gone with. The futon itself did not look as comfortable as it really is. It looks too puffy to be comfortable, but you will realize when you sit on it that it really is firm and comfortable. Converting it to a bed was easier than I thought it would be as well."

Charlotte from Anaheim says

"My roommate and I were looking for a convertible sofa bed that we could really show our personality through. This was definitely an amazing futon and we are really glad that we bought it. The style of the sofa it self is really bold, and is the talk of the parties that we have. Every time we need to have some one sleep over we can more than house them with this piece of furniture. The coffee house vibe that we get from the chair makes it one of the more unique things that we have in our apartment now."

Hannah from Tampa says

"The color on this thing is simply stunning. I was not sure about it at first, because it looked a bit bright to me before I bought it. Boy was I proven wrong. It fits in perfectly in the extra bed room that I have, and provides the guests at my parties with a great place to hang out and have some fun. I am very happy with the product that I got in return for my money, and would gladly recommend this product to any of my friends and family. You would be hard pressed to find some thing with more style."

Gavin from Los Angeles says

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