Brussels Full Futon Set

Serta Brussels Full Futon Set

Rated 4 stars
List Price: $419.00
Our Price: $388.00
Savings: $31.00 (7.4%)
About Serta Brussels Full Futon Set:

Easy opening and closing is a feature that a lot of people over look when they are shopping for futons, but this sleeper sofa from Serta seems to hit the nail right on the head with this feature and many other features that they have put together to create this Brussels full futon set. It comes with the option to use any of Serta’s full size mattresses with the frame, which gives you that little extra selection and customization. The first word that is going to come to the minds of most customers when they see a great looking futon like this one is contemporary, and it should. It is one of the most modern looking futons that you can get your hands on.


One of the best aspects of this futon, besides the appealing metal frame, is the fact that you get to completely pick which mattress you are going to pair up with it. Serta really has done an amazing thing here, letting the consumer have as many options as possible. That way you will not have to feel like you have an awesome frame that you are worried about not being able to match a mattress up with. This is one of the larger companies in the industry and they have built a reputation upon providing customers with top quality products time and time again. This futon is just another example of the wonderful line of products that they have come up with, and is one of the best modern futon choices out there.

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