Coaster Black Futon Bunk Bed Workstation

Coaster Black Futon Bunk Bed Workstation

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List Price: $969.24
Our Price: $353.71
Savings: $615.53 (64%)
About Coaster Black Futon Bunk Bed Workstation:

A bunk bed that you can get multiple functions out of is what you get when you purchase this twin futon workstation combination in black. It is a metal frame that does not come with the mattresses or the futon pad. But, what it does come with is a nice way to save space and give you the ultimate level of functionality. It combines a nice twin bed on top, on bottom, and a work station that you can use on the side of all that. This is perfect for any college student or just some one that is looking to have an office and a bed room in limited space. A studio apartment would be a perfect example of some where that would benefit from having a great piece of furniture like this one.


It also makes a great gift to any child, as they are going through school this desk and bed combination could prove to be invaluable in their education at home. It is a good idea to give them a space like this that they can use and take full advantage of when they are studying at home. Can you imagine if you had this thing growing up? You could have had a much easier time when it came to doing activities and getting home work done. You can take this as the opportunity that it is to really give your children a space to them selves that they can use for more than one thing, and save space at the same time.

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