Full Wood & Metal Convertible Futon Bunk Bed

Full Wood & Metal Convertible Futon Bunk Bed

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List Price: $599.99
Our Price: $279.99
Savings: $320.00 (53%)
About Full Wood & Metal Convertible Futon Bunk Bed:

Not very often can you find a twin/full wood and metal convertible futon bunk bed that actually looks good, but this is one of the rare ones that accomplish just that. The top bunk of this combination bunk bed is the twin and the bottom bunk is the full size bed. What is really nice about it is the fact that you can have the bottom bunk turn in to a couch when you are not using it as a bed. That gives you the ultimate space saving piece of furniture if you are dealing with a smaller space, or just want to get more functionality for a guest bed room. There are just loads of features that you will find with this bed set, and it keeps surprising you with pleasant benefits.


One of the first benefits to really stand out is the fact that you can separate the whole thing and have two separate beds if you do not want it to be a bunk bed. Not many people are going to have the option to change their bed in to two beds and put them in to two different bed rooms if they wanted, but you will with this one. Black metal tubing combined with a dark cherry post make up the frame of the bed. Simple assembly is going to be required, but is easily one of the easiest beds to put together and take a part when you need to. It really is one of a kind!

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