Twin/Full Bunk Bed

Powell Monster Bedroom Twin/Full Futon Bunk Bed

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About Powell Monster Bedroom Twin/Full Futon Bunk Bed:

The Powell Monster Bedroom Twin/Full Bunk Bed is the combination of style and durability that you are looking for in a futon bunk bed. The bed is made from steel frames and will really stand up against the wear and tear of kids of all ages. The decorative chrome inserts give it a nice touch of style and pull the whole thing together. The mattresses are indeed sold separately. The bed comes with a full size bottom mattress area and a twin size mattress area on the top portion. The real beauty of these kinds of futon bunk beds are that they are easy to put together, and still provide the rugged qualities that you would look for in a bed frame.

It can be a valuable option serving as either a children’s bunk bed, or a bed that you are going to have in that spare bedroom. The durability is not going to come in to question very often, and is sure to stand up to what ever is going to come its way. A bed like this is well worth the price that you would pay for it, and will show that it has a lot of versatility. Having a bunk bed is going to save you a lot of space, and can help fit two children in to a room with out feeling cramped all of the time. That is an important benefit if you are not going to be able to have a second bedroom until later on in life for your kids.

Customer Reviews:
"I was a bit nervous spending this kind of money on any thing, but I can assure you that it was worth every penny. Now my youngest and my next youngest are easily able to fit in to the same room and not have to fight about having their own space to sleep. This futon bunk bed really was a life saver, and I am not sure what else I would have done with out it. It is more than enough bed for both of them and the material it is made of is sure to last us as long as we need it to."

Mary from Los Angeles says

"Me and my husband bought the Powell bunk bed because we needed some thing to throw in our spare bedroom when some of the kids and grandkids come over to visit during the holidays. I had no problem spending this kind of money on a solution as long as I knew it was going to last us. We have had it for a while now, and the frame is just like it was the day that we bought it. The grandkids love it, and now we are able to accommodate all of them when they come over to stay a while."

Joanne from Chicago says

"I thought for sure that this would be another bunk bed that I was not going to like and have to send back. That had seemed to be the trend lately for me. But, I went ahead and bought the bed set any ways. My wife and I were needing to make a 2 bedroom apartment work until we were going to be able to get a house of our own, which could be in a couple of years. This bunk set worked perfectly and has given us a way to really open up the space in our kid’s bedroom."

Mavel from Boston says

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