Baxton Studios Romano Convertible Futon Sofa Chair and Bed

Baxton Studios Romano Convertible Futon Sofa Chair and Bed

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $580.00
Our Price: $420.00
Savings: $160.00 (28%)
About Baxton Studios Romano Convertible Futon Sofa Chair and Bed:

The red Baxton Studios Romano convertible sofa chair bed is a fireball of style that is going to keep your house looking contemporary. The flexibility to put it any where in the house is a must have benefit in today’s interior design world. The multi-shape function will keep you trying to think of creative ways to use this piece of furniture with your existing furniture. It can be an upright chair, a lounge chair, or it can fold out to a twin mattress. That is great for those nights when you have to let some one spend the night at your house and do not have the space.

The easy click-clack mechanism of the chair will make the conversion process a lot easier on you when you to go transform it in to what ever you want it to be at the moment. It has foam filled padding and red fabric upholstery that will keep you feeling modern. It is one of the best ways to create guest over night space when you do not have a lot of room in your home. The color of the chair is what really makes it special. The red is a bold choice that is going to let people know that you are not afraid of color and you are up to date on the latest fashion and interior design. Not only that, it is going to be a great conversation starter when you are hosting parties and get togethers with some of your friends and family.

Customer Reviews:
"This chair was not very heavy at all, but yet it is still strong enough to support me, and I am well over two hundred pounds. I was a little skeptical when my girl friend first bought it, but I am now starting to come around after using it for my self. The twin size mattress fold out is a little small, but it is a good size when you do not have a whole lot of room for people to stay over any ways. I would not have bought this on my own, but I am glad that she did."

Brayden from Santa Ana says

"The only problem that I and my roommates had with this sofa is that we did not buy it sooner. It is a blast to have and I could not understand why we did not find it sooner. The style matches right up with all of our out going personalities. It is a great place to just hang out at the end of the day and chill out. We are planning on eventually having one of them in each of our rooms, which is great when guests come over to stay the night, or family comes up to visit us at college."

Nicholas from Orange County says

"A sofa chair bed of this size was not some thing I would have originally thought of buying, but boy am I glad that I did. It is the perfect size for the extra space that I have in the living room. Every one that comes over fights over who is going to sit on it next. It makes me really look like I know what I am doing when I have a chair that is this awesome in my living room. The best thing about it is the comfort, and I have personally slept on it a few times now."

Madison from Newark says

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