Royal Heritage Home Full Size Futon Cover

Royal Heritage Home Full Size Futon Cover

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $60.00
Our Price: $40.98
Savings: $19.02 (32%)
About Royal Heritage Home Full Size Futon Cover:

This Royal Heritage Home full size cotton futon cover is one of the few that carry with it a modern and contemporary look. One of the best features that come with this set is that it is machine washable! It also features quick zip closure, which is always nice when you are dealing with cleaning the futons that you are covering. While the zipper is hidden for an added elegance, it is made in a way that makes unzipping a very easy task. The classy appeal of the colors is what is going to draw most people to covers like these. The one shown here is rose which is so elegant, and will surely make sitting down much more enjoyable.

Matching this color cover up with a wooden frame is going to be an amazing combination that really sets an elegant mood that is hard to pass up. The modern look of it will ensure that you are not going to have to just buy another one when you fall behind on the interior design trends that come and go. It is nice because it will hide the dirt better than other colors would. That is always handy if you have children or if you have pets that you are wanting to let hang out on the sofa. The material adds a nice touch to the comfort of your futon mattress which will only add to your comfort. It makes for a really good experience when you sit or sleep on it.

Customer Reviews:
"You have to make the most of the money that you have these days, and that is exactly what you can do by getting a futon cover like this one. It is even more amazing that I had expected, and will surely do the job for some time to come. Cleaning it is easy and because of that some times my husband even volunteers to do it. That means that it is super easy! All joking a side, this is one of the better covers that I have seen for sale, and I was glad that I decided to give it a shot like I did."

Addison from Detroit says

"Making use of my old futon was a new project that I was trying to get done in order to save some money. By slapping a new cover on it I had indeed accomplished that. I was more than happy with the material that it was made from, and it really adds the last bit of comfort like icing on a cake. It has made my older looking futon nice and stylish again. I can not remember the last time that I bought some thing with a rose color, just because I usually prefer other colors, but this cover set was the exception to that rule."

Mason from Charlotte says

"The material feels great, and I can not imagine why you would not get this cover. The look of the cover set is what first made me interested in it, and I would have bought more of them if I had more futons because the price is just unbeatable! We have had several parties in which people have slept or sat on it and absolutely fell in love with it. It made our futon the focal point of the room. Washing and drying the cover is as easy as washing and drying any of the bedding that you have. That is nice, and really makes cleaning the set easy."

Logan from Fort Worth says

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