American Furniture Alliance Mead Metal and Wood Frame

American Furniture Alliance Mead Metal and Wood Frame

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List Price: $199.99
Our Price: $190.22
Savings: $9.77 (5%)
About American Furniture Alliance Mead Metal and Wood Frame:

The beautiful American Furniture Alliance Mead metal/wood frame is one of a kind, giving you the unique combination of classic taste with some of the modern twists that we all love to have in new furniture. This can make a great addition to any existing set of furniture that you may have, and may even be inspiration to upgrade the rest of your existing furniture when you buy it. It has a wide and flat arm rest that is one of the most sought after benefits of a chair these days. The wooden metal combination is an excellent design that is going to keep your chair supporting people sitting on it for some time to come.


It has a classic arm rest design that ties in with the rest of this piece of furniture. The chair is made of oak wood-grain, which is going to be very appealing to any one that sits on it. It is very easy to assemble, and very easy to change from sleeper to sofa. All of the details were considered in this one of a kind piece, including the sanded edges of the arm rest that will make you feel right at home when you sit in it. The oak keeps you from having to replace this chair a few months down the road, as it is strong and durable. The design is complimented with four slats of wood that run down either side below the arm rest, giving it an optimal look along with the durability.

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