Hermosa Metal/Wood Futon Frame

Hermosa Metal/Wood Futon Frame

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $249.99
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About Hermosa Metal/Wood Futon Frame:

The Hermosa futon frame has the modern luxury of the classic mission style, and is set to convert to a full sized bed. Having the ability to fold out to a full size bed is some thing that any one will appreciate that some frames do not come with. Some home assembly is going to be required, and the frame is built to last. The hollow and tempered steal set is combined with wooden legs that add extreme support and durability that you can not get with a lot of other frames. It is also going to be able to hold several full size adults with no problems at all thanks to the wonderful design that it comes with.

The bed that comes along with this frame is some thing special, measuring a little over 54 inches when it is fully folded out. It is 83 inches long when it is in the sit or sleep position. Having that kind of room is surely going to make things a lot easier when you have some one spend the night, or you are just hosting a get together that you need seating area for. The futon mattress does have to be purchased separately. The easy click hinges are set to adjust to three different positions, depending on your needs. You can go to the sit, bed, and some where in between positions. Versatility is always appreciated in any kind of furniture. Matched up with the right mattress this can be the perfect futon.

Customer Reviews:
"I bought this a while ago, and was really impressed by the combination of comfort and attention to detail that came with it. I look at this frame and have no doubt that it is going to last me a long time. It is important to me to get the most out of the products that I buy, and this is one of those items that I will not have to worry about as far as that. The best thing that I ever did was click that buy now button when I saw this wonderful frame that I knew I should have."

Evan from Denver says

"I can not imagine why any one would get another frame other than this one if they really looked at the products and the reviews. Just like the others, I have had an excellent experience with this frame. It was really easy to put together, which is always a plus, and the design is very modern. I will not have to worry about the frame falling out of style any time soon. It is a piece of furniture that I am proud to tell my friends about and invite them over to use. It makes hanging out with friends more fun."

Brittany from Milwaukee says

"My son was going off to college, and going to be staying in an apartment with other roommates where I knew he was going to need some kind of futon to really maximize the space that he had. I bought this one and he says that he is really happy with it. He ended up not even getting a bed because he was able to work it out with the futon. He told me that it was extremely comfortable, and that makes me happy. I might not have the money to pay for his education, but I wanted to help where I could."

Avery from Washington says

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