Santa Barbara Metal Wood Futon Frame

Santa Barbara Metal Wood Futon Frame

Rated 4 stars
List Price: $229.99
Our Price: $200.32
Savings: $29.67 (13%)
About Santa Barbara Metal Wood Futon Frame:

The mission wood style has become a common thing in the futon frame world, and this frame is no exception. However, it still has quite a few features that help set it a part from the other frame choices that you may have. It comes with a flat and wide arm rest on either side that is going to make things a lot more enjoyable when you are sitting down. The durable hard wood is going to last you a long time, and really hold up when there are multiple full size adults sitting on this futon frame. After all, there is no real point in buying a frame that is just going to fall a part when you have adults sitting on it, unless you are buying it for a kid’s room.

Convenience was the benefit that they were going for the most when they came up with this frame, and you will be able to notice that right away when you own one for your self. The conversion to a sleeper sofa is incredibly easy to do, and would be hard to mess up. It is also really easy to assemble, giving you the chance to relax in the piece that you are assembling much sooner. This truly is going to be one of the strongest frames that you will see on the market, and would be great if it is going to be used as a focal point of any room and used by adults along with children.

Customer Reviews:
"Some times shopping online for things like this makes me a bit nervous to say the least. In an economy like the one we are facing today I do not have the luxury of just buying a different one if I do not like this one. I get one shot to make it the right one. That is exactly what I got with this frame, and I am so glad that it did not back fire on me. It was money well spent, and now I do not have to worry about throwing money away on some frame that was only going to last me a short time."

Benjamin from Seattle says

"It was very easy to put together, is very attractive, and extremely comfortable. You can not really ask for much more than that. It has stood up to me and all of my friends for a while now. We are not small people either. We like to get together for all kinds of sporting events, and this is the chair that most of us sit in when we are watching. It has turned out to be one of the best things that I have bought in a while. The comfort is always a big factor with me, and it is there."

Evan from Washington says

"At first I thought that this would be really bulky and not worth my time, but that turned out to be wrong. Do not get me wrong, it is heavy as it is solid wood, but that is a great trade off for having the support that it does. Not to mention that classic appeal that comes a long with that wood as well. It was the perfect choice for me and my husband and one of the first pieces of furniture that we have bought together. I imagine it is going to last us a very long time indeed."

Elizabeth from Chicago says

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