Silver Finish Coaster Metal Futon Frame

Silver Finish Coaster Metal Futon Frame

Rated 4half stars
List Price: $518.14
Our Price: $115.56
Savings: $402.58 (78%)
About Silver Finish Coaster Metal Futon Frame:

Another wonderful metal frame from Coaster that is going to bring some life to any room that you have in your home that needs some sitting area. The sleek metal silver finish will help keep your home looking modern and will make cleaning the frame a lot easier than some of the other frames. Like most frames, some assembly is going to be required, but it is going to be minor stuff that just about any one that has common sense can handle with ease. The curved metal construction of the frame adds a very stylish look that can also be a great space saver as well. It comes with the standard two positions of sofa and bed, and is incredibly easy to switch back and forth from one to another.


Although the futon pad is not included, it is still one of the best deals that you are going to be able to find on a futon frame. This frame is perfect for a college student, modern home, or a studio type of setting where you are going to need a lot of functionality with your furniture. It will make a great compliment to the existing furniture that you have because of the amazing design and the color, which can work with just about any other color that you can find. The sleek support design is one that you should take advantage of, as it will help the longevity of the futon while still being able to support several adults at the same time when entertaining.

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