9 Inch Premium Cotton Fibre Foam Futon Mattress

9 Inch Premium Cotton Fibre Foam Futon Mattress

Rated 5 stars
List Price: $139.95
Our Price: $119.00
Savings: $20.95 (15%)
About 9 Inch Premium Cotton Fibre Foam Futon Mattress:

This futon mattress is one of the thickest that you are going to find coming in at a 9’ to 10” overall height. It is covered in extra layers of foam to really give you the ultimate level of comfort. We all know that bigger is better when it comes to futons like these, and that is exactly what you get with this one. There are cotton layers above, below, and even in between to give you support while still having comfort. The off white color is sure to blend in with any frame that you will have, not to mention blend in with the rest of the colors through out the house. Normally futon mattresses this big are going to be difficult to fold or move, but this one still maintains the ability to easily be folded or moved.

Manufactured in the USA, it is made with a natural muslin cover. It is also made with being friendly to the environment in mind. This is going to be one of those futons that you can just curl up in and fade away, simply because of the thickness of the mattress it self. You are not going to be able to find many others that are bigger than this. Traditionally the bigger mattresses usually are better. One of the best things about it is that it is easy to clean with the material that it is made from. You will feel the difference with this one almost immediately when you sit on it.

Customer Reviews:
"The children always like to run around the extra room that we have and use it as a room to play in. It was important to be able to give them some thing that they could use for sleep overs and just to have out with. This mattress did not disappoint and solved that problem almost in an instant. I got a frame to go with it, and now I am able to really complete the children’s play area and not have to worry about them ruining it or any thing. It is very durable, and I know it will take them a long time to need another one."

Hannah from Wichita says

"My husband has a back problem, be it minor, but it is still a back problem. It was important to both of us to have a place that we could hang out and not have to worry about the comfort factor. That is exactly what we got with this futon. I love the off white color as it is really easy to blend in with the rest of the living room. Now we can sit and watch television or play video games with out having to feel uncomfortable at all. The mattress makes a big difference in how much time we spend in that room now."

Olivia from Minneapolis says

"After years of having skinny futons that I was not sure were giving me all the support and comfort that I would want, I decided to just go with some thing that was huge. I figured at the very least it should have some comfort. I was right, and this was one of the best buys I have purchased recently. It was a comfortable mattress that I have used quite a bit now, and it has restored my faith in futons. I can not imagine why any one would not want a mattress like this to have with their frame."

Evan from Pittsburgh says

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